We're proud to have a long history in theatre and stage productions

We run a well-coordinated, skilled and cooperative team of technicians using well-maintained gear.


Proud to have always had a long and strong history of catering to the needs of theatre and stage productions, we provide quality, reliable equipment and an understanding of theatre that comes only with experience. We have worked with the biggest and best productions around and are able to utilize up to 70+ Radio Microphones, with systems of up to 40 running simultaneously. We always strive to supply high quality Sound Design for all types of Theatrical Production at a reasonable cost. The option of operating the design in your venue or on tour is also always on offer.


BounceNZ have corporate and special event services that are well-coordinated with well-maintained gear, skilled and cooperative technicians and attention to the ever-changing details of these complex productions. We can custom-fit specified sound systems with consideration for video screens, lighting, platform and podium locations, and other design elements. We have worked with a number of large and small corporations catering for award dinners, corporate parties and full corporate production shows.


Our goal is to help performers move their audience in a way only great sound can. BounceNZ prides itself on attention to detail, from the unique needs of every performer to the very different requirements every venue has to help ensure complete coverage and perfection every time.